State of the art Speciality Ayurveda Hospital with 21 Branches



  1. To conduct various programs on Ayurveda, to help a life style to prevent spreading of diseases in villages, schools, colleges, public places and other places in order to make life of everyone healthy, peaceful and meaningful.
  2. To conduct Ayurvedic exhibitions, competitions, tests, etc. all over the country to promote the knowledge of Ayurveda in human beings and also to spread the knowledge of Ayurveda through books, journals, news letters, periodicals, bulletins, brochures, CDs, audio cassettes, video cassettes and internet.
  3. To organize conferences, seminars, workshops etc. on Ayurveda. To print, exhibit, publish and circulate journals, books, brochures, pamphlets, pictures, posters and such other publications, and also to hold, promote, conduct, organize, manage and participate in national and international conferences, seminars, symposia, lectures and such other events facilitating the cause of promoting the objects of the Trust.
  4. To do Research and Development in Ayurveda by setting up R & D Institutions.
  5. To Standardize and spread the benefits of Ayurvedic medicines and treatments to public.
  6. To develop Ayurvedic villages to spread the knowledge of Ayurveda and the method of Ayurvedic treatment for various diseases. To conduct classes for the Ayurvedic Folk Medicine Practitioners serving in the villages in a non-scientific manner. To undertake various rural development programs with emphasis on Ayurveda.
  7. To establish, maintain and run hospitals, dispensaries etc. for medical relief to the needy in treatment and care.
  8. To conduct health camps at various places in the country and treating the diseases in accordance with Ayurveda.
  9. Promoting the health of the patients by providing medical, surgical and other assistance.
  10. To establish funds for providing scholarships to students for the study of Ayurveda preferably in 'gurukula' style.
  11. To help grow, maintain and preserve Ayurvedic medicinal plants.
  12. To establish, develop and maintain Ayurvedic libraries.
  13. To grant medical help to the deserving persons during epidemic, famine, fire, riot, flood, war, earthquake and other natural calamities.
  14. To establish and/or acquire, set up, administer, maintain and support Primary schools, High schools, Colleges, Gurukulas, Study Centers and other Institutions and Universities imparting education and training in Ayurveda.
  15. To establish funds to help poor people, orphans and those suffering from diseases necessitating isolation.
  16. To honour the people who work and achieve something special in the field of Ayurveda.