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The healthy person in order to protect his life should get up from his sleep in the Brahmi muhurtha (any time between 3.00 a.m. to 6.00 a.m.) after considering the condition of digestion of food of previous night.

After getting the urge of urine & faeces naturally the person should eliminate them facing north or south silently with covered head, later excretory orifices should be cleaned thoroughly.

Danta dhavana (cleaning the teeth):

Tooth are to be cleaned with twigs of Vata, Asana, Arka, Kadhira, Karanja, Apamarga, Malati etc., which are astringent, bitter and pungent tastes, the twigs should be the thickness of little finger, straight, devoid of nodes. It should be 12 angula in length. Clean with it in morning and after meals twice daily. After cleaning the teeth, gums are also cleaned without hurting them by rubbing with powder mixed with honey.

Tongue should be cleaned by scraping it comfortably with tongue scraper. This removes the dirt, bad taste and smell of tongue, mouth, and teeth and dispels the disease of tongue, mouth and teeth.

Pranayama (Obeisance):

God and elder should be worshipped, person should see his image in ghee kept in vessels made of Gold.

Anjana (Collyrium):

Sauviranjana is good for the eyes. It should be applied daily so that eyes become beautiful, capable of seeing even mild objects and eyelashes become smooth and firm. This is done regularly to drain the Sleshma (Kapha) out.

Nasya (Nasal medication):

Anu taila should be put into the nose daily after the application of Anjana. The skin, shoulders, neck, face & chest become strong, firm and good looking. Sense organs become clean and efficient and they become devoid of wrinkles, grey hairs & black patches.

Gandusha (Gargling):

Mouths filled with oil daily or with any of the liquids taken to its full capacity without allowing its movement inside & hold the liquid for few moments.

Kavala graha (Holding little quantity of Paste in the mouth):

Make it move briskly and spitting out quickly. This would prevent cracking & roughness in the mouth, dryness of the mouth. Disease of teeth and disorder of the voice.

Dhooma - Prayogika dhooma (Inhalation of smoke):

By use of inhalation, disease of the organs located above the shoulder and arising from the increase of Vaata and Kapha will not develop.

Ganda malya (Perfumes and Garlands):

Use of perfumes & garlands acts as aphrodisiac, dispels inauspiciousness.

Tambula (Pan-chewing):

For those desirous of good taste, cleanliness and good smell of the mouth can keep tender leaves of betel leaves with Jatiphala, lavanga, karpoora along with Pugaphala is kept in the mouth. It is good to the heart, bleeding disorders, injury to the chest, emaciation & eye disease.


After having developed desire for food and drinks, the person should take Abhyanga using oils, this Abhyanga mitigates vata, promotes strength, sleep, growth, firmness of the hair. It is useful in burns, fractures, wounds, tiredness, debility and old age.

Siro abhyanga:

It is good for hairs, skull and sensitive organs.


Oils filled into the ears relieves the pain of the lower jaw, neck, head, ears.

Pada abhyanga:

Oil applied to the sole makes them stronger, promotes sleep, vision and energy. Cures loss of sensation, tiredness, stiffness, contraction and crackup of the feet. Abhyanga should not be done in persons suffering from disease of Kapha origin.

Vyayama (Exercise):

Activities produce tiredness to the body. This Vyayama makes lightness to the body. Increase capacity to work, reduction of body fat, keen appetite. Body becomes distinct and firm.

Contra indications of Vyayama:

Person suffering from disease of Vaata and Pitta region should avoid it. By young children, old persons & those suffering from indigestion. After exercise, whole body should be massaged well.


Massaging a body with powder (churna) reduces Kapha, liquefies fat, makes the body parts firm and keeps the skin healthy.

Snana (bath):

This improves appetite, sexual vigour, span of life, valour and strength, removes itching, dirt, sweat, stupor, thirst, burning sensation and sin. Pouring hot water below the head is strengthening, while some over the head diminishes the strength of hairs & eyes.

Contra indication:

It is not good for patient suffering from facial paralysis.

Vritthi (profession):

Every person should adopt the profession to earn money for livelihood.

Sadvrtha (good conduct):

One should first relieve himself from the urges then indulge in walking, sleeping and taking food. While going outside take an umbrella, put on foot wear and walk carefully.

At night time it is good to wrap the head with clothes, one should not be tired on shade of the sacred tree and worshipful objects, in place of bat & bathing and on dirty materials & huge rocks. One should not stay at the meeting of four roads during mid day, evening, nights & mid night. One should not visit burial grounds & slaughterhouse. One should not insult the dead body. One should not cross rivers by swimming, go near huge fire, should not enter the house of others, not make movements with hands, voice, feet, eyes and abdomen.

Hairs, moustache, beard, nails should be cut before bath.

One should avoid earning money by harming other and avoid the ten sinful acts i.e. cruelty, stealing, unlawful sex, back biting, abusive words, scolding, speaking false and which causes separation and quarrel, jealous, misunderstanding.

One should reside in the house which is properly built according to Vaastu and avoid eastern breeze, sunlight, dust, snowfall, rough wind, improper way of sneezing, belching, coughing, sleeping, expelling of flatulence with sound, raising of hands, eyebrows & eyes, drinking alcohol beverages and company of wild animals

Regular apply of collyrium made of antimony is very beneficial to eyes, application of collyrium in eyes helps eliminating the Kapha element from the eyes.


The vitiated Kapha of the head is removed by the regular use of the Cigar made of medicated drugs & drugs of sweet taste along with fat of muscle, ghee & bee wax.

Smoking cures heaviness of head, headache, rhinitis, hemicrania, earache, pain in the eye, cough, hic cough, dyspepsia, obstruction in throat, and weakness of teeth, discharge, from morbid ear, eyes and nose. Purulent smoke from nose & mouth, toothache, anorexia, lockjaw, torticollis, pruritis, infective conditions, graying of hair, etc.

Oral hygene:

Brushing the teeth : Use of the tooth cleaning stick whose top portion is crushed and which is either astringent, pungent or bitter in taste. This should be done in such a way that it should not affect gums in any way.

Brushing removes the foul smell & tastelessness. It removes the dirt of the tongue, teeth & mouth causing thereby the taste for food. This cleans the teeth instantaneously.

Karanja, Karavira, Arka, Malati, Asana, etc. stem are used as tooth-cleaning stick.

Tongue scraping:

Tongue scrapers, which do not have sharp edge and are curved, are made of metals like gold, silver, copper, tin and brass. The dirt deposited at the root of the tongue obstructs expiration & give rise to foul smell so the tongue should be scraped regularly.


One desirous of clarity, taste and good smell of mouth should keep the fruits of Jati, Katuka, Puga, flowers of Lavanga, the extract of Karpura.


Regular til oil garling is beneficial for the strength of jaws, depth of voice, flabbiness of face, good taste for the mouth. One never gets dryness of throat, nor do his lips ever get cracked. Teeth will never be carious and will be deep rooted, he will not have any toothache nor will his teeth set on edge by sour intake.

Oiling of head:

One who applies til oil on his head regularly does not suffer from headache, baldness, graying of hair nor do his hair falls.

Strength of his head and forehead is specially enhanced, his hair becomes black, long and deep rooted, his sense organs work properly, complexion improves.

Oiling of ears:

Ear diseases due to vitiated Vata, torticollis, lockjaw, hardness of hearing and deafness are prevented if oil is regularly dropped into the ears.

Oil massage:

Oil massage regularly over the human body becomes strong and smooth skinned; it is resistant to exhaustions and exertions.

Effects of bathing:

Bathing is purifying, libidinal stimulant and life giving, it removes fatigue, sweating & dirt. It brings about strength in the body and is an aid for excellence for the enhancement of Ojus.

Role of clean dress in life:

Wearing clean apparel adds to the bodily charm, reputation, longevity & prevents inauspiciousness. It brings about pleasure, grace, competence to participate in conferences and good look.

Use of fragrance:

Use of scents and garland stimulates libido, produces good smell in the body, it is pleasing to the mind and it prevents inauspiciousness.

Use of ornaments:

Wearing of gems & ornaments add to the prosperity, auspiciousness, longevity, grace, prevents danger from snakes, evil spirits.

Care of hair & nails:

The dressing & cutting of hair, beard and nails etc. adds to the corpulence, libido, longevity, cleanliness & beauty.

Use of foot wears:

Use of footwears is conductive to eyesight & skin. It protects the feet from reptiles, etc. It gives strength and facilitates the display of physical force & is libidinal stimulant.

Use of umbrella:

Use of umbrella averts attacks of diseases, it gives strength & protects one from evil spirits, it covers and brings about happiness, and it guards against the sun, wind, dust and rain.

Use of hand stick:

Prevents limping, averts the enemy, it gives strength & longevity, it averts fear.