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Sl. No. PART - I Doesn’t Apply Rarely Applies Applies Some what Applies Mostly My Score
1My body frame is thin.0123
2My build is thin.0123
3I have thin bones and prominent joints.0123
4I have a hard time gaining weight.0123
5My eyes are small, active and dark.0123
6My skin is dry and chaps easily.0123
7My skin is dark in complexion relative to the rest of my family, tans easily.0123
8I have dark, rough, thin hair.0123
9Generally I prefer warm climate, sunshine, moisture.0123
10My appetite is variable, can get very hungry, but can eat only in small quantities.0123
11My bowel movements are irregular, hard, dry or constipated.0123
12My digestion is sometimes good & sometimes not.0123
13I dislike routine works.0123
14I am a creative thinker.0123
15I like to stay physically active.0123
16I feel more mentally relaxed when exercising.0123
17I change my mind easily.0123
18I tend toward fear or anxiety under stress.0123
19I often dream, but rarely remember them.0123
20I have changeable moods & ideas.0123
21I like snacks, and to chew.0123
22When I get ill, it is associated with pain.0123
23I get very light sleep.0123
24I don’t care about money, and feel it is to be spent.0123
25My nails are brittle.0123
26I do not perspire much.0123
27I have variable thirst.0123
28My hands & feet are cold.0123
29My sexual interest is variable, consider fantasy in life.0123
30My pulse is thin, fast and variable.0123

PART I - TOTAL SCORE: _______________

Sl. No. PART - II Doesn’t Apply Rarely Applies Applies Some what Applies Mostly My Score
1I have medium, well-proportional frame.0123
2My built is medium.0123
3My bone structure is medium.0123
4I can gain or loose weight relatively easily, if I put my mind to it.0123
5My eyes are penetrating, light grey or amber coloured.0123
6My skin is oily and so is my hair.0123
7Relative to the rest of my family, I have fair skin, sunburn easily.0123
8My hair is oily, light, fine, red or greys early.0123
9I prefer cool, well ventilated places.0123
10I am irritable if I miss a meal or can’t eat, when I am hungry and have good appetite.0123
11I have easy and regular bowel movements, if anything, soft, oily, loose stools at least once or twice a day.0123
12My digestion is usually good.0123
13I enjoy planning and like routine, especially if I create it.0123
14I am a good initiator and leader.0123
15I enjoy physical activities especially competitive ones.0123
16Exercises help to keep my emotions from going out of control.0123
17I have opinions and like to share them.0123
18I tend toward anger, frustration or irritability under stress.0123
19I do get colourful dreams & can remember them easily.0123
20I am forceful about expressing my ideas & feelings.0123
21I like delicious foods.0123
22While ill, I am likely to get fever, rashes and inflammations.0123
23I usually sleep well.0123
24I think that money is best spent on special items or on purchases which might advance me.0123
25My nails are flexible but pretty strong.0123
26I perspire quickly.0123
27I am usually thirsty.0123
28My hands & feet are warm.0123
29I have ready sexual interest and drive.0123
30My pulse is strong.0123

PART II - TOTAL SCORE: _______________

Sl. No. PART - III Doesn’t Apply Rarely Applies Applies Some what Applies Mostly My Score
1I am well built.0123
2I am plump or a little chunky.0123
3My bone structure is heavy.0123
4I gain weight easily, have a hard time loosing it.0123
5My eyes are large, attractive with thick eyelashes.0123
6My skin is thick, cool, and well lubricated.0123
7My skin tans slowly but evenly, stays cool longer than others.0123
8I have thick wavy hair, a little oily, dark or light.0123
9Any climate is okay for me as long as it is not too humid.0123
10I like to eat, have good appetite but can skip meals without any physical problems (not that I like to).0123
11My bowel movements are regular, steady, thick and normal.0123
12My digestion is fine, sometimes a little slow.0123
13I work well with routines.0123
14I am good at keeping an organization or project running smoothly.0123
15I love leisurely activities most.0123
16Exercise keeps my weight lower than diet alone.0123
17I change opinions and ideas slowly.0123
18I tend to avoid difficult situations.0123
19Generally I remember dreams if they are specially intense or significant.0123
20My moods are steady, reliable and slow to change.0123
21I love fatty foods.0123
22While ill, it accompanies with retention of fluid or mucus invariably.0123
23I am a sound and heavy sleeper.0123
24I can save money easily.0123
25My nails are strong & thick.0123
26I perspire moderately.0123
27I rarely get thirsty.0123
28My hands and feet are cool.0123
29My sexual interest and drive are steady.0123
30My pulse is slow and rhythmic.0123

PART III - TOTAL SCORE: _______________


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